%d0%ba%d0%b5201Tennis is the most popular individual sport across the globe. The last two decades has seen an up-rise of players from Eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia. This has, in turn, made the sport very popular with bettors around the world. Here are some tips on what to consider when placing a bet on Tennis.

  1. PlayerFitness

Tennis players are prone to injuries and it is advisable that you check out a player’s upcoming game schedule. This will help you in gauging whether the player is at any risk of injury in a specific week.

%d0%ba%d0%b5202A player will be fresher at the start of the year and may become injured as they go on tour. If a player has had a busy week in reaching the qualifier or final, then the distance they travel is longer and hence likely the athlete will be under par. However, the individual player is what matters. For example, Joao Sousa and David Ferrer can go on for weeks without the slightest dip in rankings.

  1. Weather conditions

This is obviously an important factor when it comes to games played outdoors as wind can play a critical role. The wind can work havoc on a serve or volley. Attacking players are at a disadvantage in windy weather as they are used to playing in a place which allows them to move close to the lines. A good example is Roger Federer whose game is top notch when he plays indoors where there is no distracting wind

3. Head-to-heads

It is recommended that you consider the most recent head-to-head matches as there could be numerous changes during the tennis season. Consider a good head-to-head record of at least3-0 or higher as it is not relevant to consider anything lower.

The head-to-head will enable you to make an assessment on the player’s capability in coping with specific playing styles. If a player cannot handle a head-to-head with someone like John Isner, then that player cannot handle big deliveries.

  1. Left-handers

Left-handed players offer a tricky and different sort of challenge for both right- and left-handed players. You will need to check the player’s past results. The last thing you want is to place your bet on a player who becomes easily bamboozled by a left-hander’s different angles.

5. Playing conditions

%d0%ba%d0%b5204Conditions are an important factor in pre-matches as some players prefer courts while yet others prefer hard surfaces or the grass which may be avoided by others. For example, there are some players such as Nikolay Davydenko, Milos Raonic, and John Isner, who would not be able to deliver on grass courts.

These are just a few tips on selecting your bet. The more experience you have on assessing players, the better you will become at placing bets. Let’s not forget there is always good old logic. If, for example, a player is going through an emotional turmoil, then this is bound to affect their performance. Logic and gut instinct should guide your decision when placing a tennis bet.