%d0%ba%d0%b5211Even if the majority of the punters hold the notion that the best bets are single bets when trying to increase your chances of making a profit in the long haul, there are many other online bettors that prefer placing accumulator bets. Placing wagers with multiple selections is a good way of backing your odds on the football favourites in matches whilst still standing to win a good payout.

Types of accumulators are:

  • 2 Selections: double bet
  • 3 selections: triple bet
  • 4 selections: four fold
  • 5 selections: five fold
  • 6 selections- six fold
  • 7 selections: seven fold
  • 8 selections: eight fold

If you want to improve your percentages for winning on football accumulators which is also referred to as football accas, then you need to look at the following tips. These tips will help you become a successful accumulator bettor in the long haul.

Register more than one betting account

%d0%ba%d0%b5212With the odds on every one of your selections multiplied together with your stake that will determine your potential winnings, the smallest price difference can adversely increase or decrease the returns you get. It is therefore critical that you have multiple accounts with different bookmakers as this strategy ensures you place your bets at the best odds every week. Since you will be placing your bet on favourites, you will need to do some thorough research on the best bookies that have shown consistency in offering the best prices on the top sides as this could pay off in a big way.

Adjust the stake to be in line with the overall odds and number of selections

Since accumulator wagers qualify only for returns with a win in all the selections, you will need to consider the link between the stake size and the total accumulator odds. It is often not a good strategy for you to place large bets if your betting slip has too many legs and if you have substantial combined odds, so ensure you have scaled down wagers if you are considering the accumulator on the long haul. However, if you have several selections on your accumulator with each of the teams you have selected being considered a hit favourite, then you have the option of increasing your stake as well as multiplying it a few times.

Consider accumulator bonuses

Several top online bookmakers give offers of ongoing bonuses on accumulators that win, which adds up to 100% real cash bonus in addition to your winnings, and is dependent on the quantity of selections. You should consider such online bookmakers as extra winnings will be added to accumulators that have two or more selections.

Short-priced favourites are not always the best option

You should skip short-priced favourites at times when the odds on the wager are significantly low such that they can’t offer any favourable value but instead opt for backing in-form teams that will play against opponents that are weaker. This way, you will keep your chances of winning almost the same while considerably improving the total combined odds.

Only choose several top leagues to follow

%d0%ba%d0%b5213With top sports betting operators giving different quotes on different leagues, it becomes tempting to bet on teams from diverse competitions. To be successful in accumulator bets, it’s best if you stayed with 2-4 teams which you can follow closely and gather as much expert information as you can on their players and the teams in general