%d0%ba%d0%b5214Sports gambling has come a long way from the land lines and smoky back rooms, to the modern way of betting online, shopping for lines in a sea of sites. Technology has transformed your neighbourhood sports book and bookie into the paradise that is ideal for any sports bettor. With online betting, it is now possible for you to bet anywhere, anytime, and from any part of the world. With mobile sports betting, you can check odds, bet on any upcoming events, and allow access the balance in your account.

What is mobile betting?

If you don’t know, mobile sports betting is simply using your mobile phone to log into your sports book online account. It’s a similar thing to logging in to your account through your laptop or placing a phone call to your bookie. The wager you bet is binding as per the sports book rules. Most bookies have an online presence that is also compressed to fit the mobile phone; the mobile version is a simpler version of the bookmaker’s website. Of course your phone needs to be internet enabled with a decent internet connection. With these, you can:

  • %d0%ba%d0%b5216log in fast,
  • check your odds,
  • place your wager.

Logging in through your mobile phone is the same as doing it through your laptop; the connection is secure and encrypted so there is no need to worry over the privacy of your account.

Some online bookmakers have gone a step further and have created apps for their customers. You can download an app from your favourite bookie and enjoy fast odds and the capability of betting on the fly if you have one of the following:

With Android apps, there are those that have bar codes which will enable you to download certain apps in a painless, effortless, and super-fast way. Once you have your apps in place, you can follow these tips for you to bet smart.

  • This might be obvious, but some punters tend to ignore it – the fewer the selections you have the higher the chances of winning. If you want to make money, then this is the only time you need to think small. If you can stake enough then one selection or team should do, 3 or 4 maximum. If you find yourself placing a 20-fold accumulator, then you are being unrealistic. If you find that you really want to take a long shot bet, avoid padding out your accumulator with the odds-on selection as this will only decrease your chances of collecting any winnings on your bet.
  • Again, make sure you have done some thorough research on the football team you want to back to find the best value in the many other markets that are offered by bookies. Arguably it is a bookie’s way of providing you with many opportunities to lose but if you look keenly enough you will find good prices. For example, you may feel insecure about betting on Leicester City beating Man City in your accumulator after all, they are in a higher league position. But that is not what you should consider, if you do your research well you will discover that Leicester has Jamie Vardy who happens to be the top scorer in the league. So if you bet on him to score it will be a safer wager for you.

Unlike horse racing, it’s not easy to pinpoint the exact time you can place your bet but doing it on the same day as the match is played is advisable. Most bookies however tend to have special prices and offers ahead of a match with some running their offers for the entire event day. Others will set a time period when they will boost the price which means you will have to spend the entire time at the shop as this happens by chance. If the event is very popular, bookies will have very tempting offers such as free bets. Timing is everything when you want to cash in as much as possible on your wager.