How to place a Free Bet

%d0%ba%d0%b5195To place a free bet, the first thing to do is to select the bet slip and choose your selection. Enter the stake you want. Select a drop down menu and select your free bet. Finally click on Bet Now.

How to check your Free Bet balance

If you want to check if there are any available free bets in your account, you need to log in to your account. You will see your free bet balance displayed on the “My Account” button. If you are not seeing the Free Bet displayed on your balance, you can try to refresh the page or clear the cookies then attempt to log in again.

When can you use Free Bets?

Once you place your Free Bet on a certain event, most bookmakers will not allow you to be given any further offers on the Free Bet. For example, if a match has a Money Back Special offer, the Free Bet will not be eligible for a Money Back Special. Specific Free Bets are used for specific events.

You can check on the bookmaker’s website for your Free Bet details to ensure that they are usable for a specific selection. For example, the website will have a drop down menu where you can check your free bet details and what triggers them as well as the different types of bets

When is it not possible to use your Free Bets?

%d0%ba%d0%b5194If Free Bets have been credited to your account but you are unable to use them, then one of the following may be the reason:

  • Some Free Bets are only redeemable for specific events and sports. For example, your bookmaker may have a Money-Back Special that is credited to your account because of an in-play tennis promotion and hence only used for tennis and/or in the in-play market. You can go to your webpage Dashboard and log in and then go to “My Account”, then go to “Vouchers” and check the column “Redeem Against.”
  • If you want to use your Free Bets to place a permutation/multiple bet, you only need to add the selections on your bet slip, enter the appropriate stake in the box then select from the drop down and select your Free Bet which is usually at “Use Free Bet” under “Betting Options.”For example, if you want to place a $10 each way treble with your $10 Free Bet, select Each-way and enter $10 as the stake; on the treble stake box enter $10 on the drop down menu for your Free Bet.
  • It may be that your Free Bets are already expired. Remember that every Free Bet has an expiry date hence only good for a specific time frame.

How to cash Free Bet winnings

If you are still undecided on the bets and markets, you can use a Free Bet in the “My Free Bets” section on the website. The use of Free Bets will be in the “My Bets” section in your website. In case your bet wins, the profit will be reflected in your main wallet. You can cash-out the winnings by selecting the “Withdraw funds” option and credit your debit card that is linked to your betting account with the amount that you have won.